Works in Progress

(The following are Works In Progress – not published books.)



Winner: 2020 ACFW Genesis Contest, Romantic Suspense
Second Place Winner: 2019 Foundations Award, Fiction: Romantic Suspense
Finalist: 2019 ACFW First Impressions Contest, Romantic Suspense

Daily News reporter Harper Callahan lands the biggest scoop of her career – an exclusive interview with East Ridge University’s star quarterback. But when Harper stumbles into a clandestine meeting that ends with the quarterback’s murder, she becomes the story instead of writing it.

With the entire campus on high alert, Campus Police Lieutenant Bryce Gerard searches for the killer while keeping Harper safe. He can’t believe she is back in his life – the woman he could never forget.

When another student is charged in the shooting, Harper believes they’ve got the wrong guy. And when her search for the real shooter puts her in harm’s way, she knows she’s on the right track. Together, Harper and Bryce expose an underground gambling ring on campus. But the corruption goes deeper than they ever imagined, and someone with a lot to lose will stop at nothing to keep them from uncovering the truth.


Working undercover as a graduate student at East Ridge University is not DEA Agent Davis Trent’s ideal assignment, but he is determined to get through it and gain the promotion he’s been after. When another student dies of a drug overdose, Campus K-9 Officer Kylie Buchanan is called in to search the fraternity house for drugs. Nothing is found, but she’s convinced there is a connection to the other drug-related deaths on campus. Her bull-headed ways collide with Davis’ quieter investigation, and the two must learn to work together to stop the dealers who are targeting students before more lives are lost – including their own.


Campus Security Officer Taylor Watts is on her nightly patrol of East Ridge University when she surprises an intruder in the chemistry lab. Taylor is knocked out and wakes up later, right next to the body of a dead student. She knew the victim, and the case is personal to her. East Ridge University Police Detective Lance Butler knows the risks of getting too close to a case, but he can’t say no when Taylor forces her way into his investigation – and his heart. Together, they search for the killer, and find themselves caught up in a tangled web of computer hackers and a campus-wide cheating organization – with deadly consequences.



Finalist: ACFW 2016 Genesis Contest, Romantic Suspense
First Place Winner: 2017 Foundations Awards, Fiction: Romantic Suspense

When Chicago Police Officer Samantha Evans learns that her estranged father Gabriel has been murdered, she sets out to bring his killer to justice. Her search leads her to his hometown, Gadden Valley, Georgia, where she discovers shocking revelations about her father’s abandonment and her mother’s betrayal. As she is pulled deeper into the small town society, she forms an unexpected connection with the amiable and handsome Jake Stone. When feelings for him invade her heart, Sam must decide if she can open up to the risk of love.

EMT Jake Stone owes his life to Gabriel Evans. When Gabe’s daughter shows up at Jake’s doorstep, he seizes the opportunity to return the favor by helping Sam find the truth about Gabe’s death. He just never expected to fall for her at the same time. But keeping Sam alive will take all the faith he’s got. Sam’s world unravels as long-buried secrets bring danger to those around her and place her in the cross-hairs of a killer intent on keeping the truth hidden.


Young women are mysteriously vanishing from Gadden Valley, and Officer Samantha Evans is hot on the trail of the person behind the crimes. When evidence points to Mallory Stone’s new boyfriend, Jake’s younger sister lashes out at Sam, further alienating the troubled young woman from her family. But when Mallory goes missing, too, Sam will risk everything to find her before Mallory disappears forever.


A winter storm, a missing child, and a routine call gone wrong. Very wrong.

Embroiled in a ten-year-old mystery, Gadden Valley Sheriff’s Deputy Samantha Stone must face not only the stranger intent on keeping her prisoner, but nature itself as an ice storm descends on Gadden Valley. But Sam’s plans of escape may cost her the very life she’s trying to save – her own.