Hope loves to teach! Starting with the Debate Team in high school, to acting and directing in local theater, to being a high school and Sunday school teacher, Hope has plenty of experience and comfort in front of groups.

She has taught writing classes for chapters of ACFW (both in-person and online), for ACFW Georgia’s annual One-Day Workshops (4 years), and at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. She has also taught for Spark Flash Fiction’s one-day virtual conference.

She’d love to teach for your group, too. Below are some of the classes available. (Longer classes can be adapted for shorter class times when needed.)

If you are interested in having Hope speak/teach for your group, please use the Contact form on this page.

1-Hour Classes:

Make a Spark! How to Write Romantic Flash Fiction

“But I can’t show the romance in only 1000 words!” is a common worry for writers who want to submit to Spark Flash Fiction. However, it is possible to write those sweet, funny, and tender moments that make a spark – in under 1000 words. Writers will learn how to craft a romantic flash fiction story that has all the elements of a longer story without needing more than 1000 words or a lot of exposition.

Discover Your Path to a Better, Faster Rough Draft: An Overview of Story Structure and Plotting Methods

Confused by all the different ways to write a novel? Just as each story is unique, so is each writer. While there are numerous paths to follow, not every technique works for every writer. The basics of story structure are ingrained in us naturally, but once you understand them, and how you intuitively get from Point A to Point Z, you’ll find your own path to writing a better, faster rough draft. This class gives an overview of basic story structure and the most popular plotting/outlining methods. There’s something for everyone (even those who don’t like plotting).

Finding Where Your Story Fits – And Why It Matters

What genre do you write? Who is your audience? How can you market your books? Whether you are seeking a traditional contract, self-publishing, or still writing your WIP, knowing where your story “fits” is an important part of getting published and making sales. Through exploring the most popular genres, sub-genres, and even genre “mash ups,” this class will show you the importance of knowing where your story fits and how to get it into the hands of the right people.

The Who, What, When, Where, How – and Why – of Social Media for Authors

Having a presence on social media platforms is a must for authors today. But where do you start? This class will walk through the most popular social media platforms and teach authors how to use them and what to do there. It will also cover how to decide what content to post and how to use scheduling to make it easier. Most importantly, it will discuss WHY authors should use social media, both for the author’s benefit and their audience. A great “basics” class for beginners!

Longer Classes:

Keep It Short! How to Write Flash Fiction

Writing flash fiction is a great way to grow your author platform, create lead magnets for your newsletter sign ups, and get your first publishing credit! Flash fiction can help any writer hone their craft, experiment with other genres, and even break out of writer’s block. No matter what genre you write, you can create a satisfying story in 1000 words. In this interactive class, we’ll walk through every step of writing a flash fiction story, from concept to completed project. Class time will cover instruction, examples, and application – including time to write during class. You’ll come away with a story you can pitch or use to grow your audience.

Developing Your Author Brand

“If you’re not intentionally creating a brand, you are unintentionally creating a brand.” Everything connected with our writing creates an image, a promise, and an expectation in our readers’ minds. In this class, we will discuss basic brand concepts, the various components of a brand, and where and how to use your brand, as well as defining and designing your own unique author brand. Application includes examples and a live critique.

If you are interested in having Hope speak/teach for your group, please use the Contact form on this page.