Day 12 Update

Time sure flies! I can’t believe I’ve been at this for 12 days already.

I haven’t done any writing since last Thursday thanks to a busy weekend filled with friends, family, and fun. I needed it, though. It’s good to recharge the batteries once in a while. And, as my friend Cliff (also a writer) says, the story will always be there when you come back.

Today I received an email from the writer’s conference administrator. In addition to sending in my manuscript critique to be reviewed by a professional, we can also participate in a peer critique with other writers on Friday night of the conference. I got my critique group assignment today. There are 7 of us, including the moderator, who is also a speaker at the conference. We are to submit 3 pages of our manuscript to each person in the group, who in turn submit 3 pages of their work.

We are supposed to read each manuscript before the conference, making notes of feedback to share during our meeting. I sent my pages in tonight and have received pages from 2 other authors. I’m looking forward to reading these and offering any bits of advice I might have.

My BFF Amy and I attended a creative writing class a few years ago where we had to write something each week, read it aloud, and receive feedback from the group. Apparently it was good practice for what we’ll be doing in this group. I practiced reading my pages out loud tonight, and it was awkward at first, but soon I got into it and actually enjoyed it. It’s neat to hear the sound of your characters’ dialogue in an audible voice and not just the voice in your head. It brought reality and depth to their personalities. I might have to do that more often. Once again a reason I’m thankful to live alone! Ha, ha!

Well, I’d better get back to writing. I stopped in Chapter 8 last time. I usually try to end in the middle of a scene so it’s easier to pick up where I left off (a tip I read in an article on writing). I’m writing a scene where there’s a major thunderstorm going on – something we’re all too familiar with lately, right?

I can’t thank each of you enough for your support, enthusiasm, and most of all, your prayers. Keep ’em coming – it’s making all the difference!

2 thoughts on “Day 12 Update

  1. Hi, Hope:
    It’s Mom. You have taught me a lot about reading a book. I don’t just read the story. I check out how the author tells his story, how he creates his characters and how he leads you to the next chapter (if it’s a page turner or not). I’ve always loved to read a book, now I enjoy it even more. See you in the next chapter. Love Mom.


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