Day 7 Update

I printed off my first two chapters for the manuscript critique tonight and went over everything one more time. I’m glad I did because I found a few things I needed to tweak/fix. You can see much more on a printed page than you can by scrolling through a page on the computer screen.

I finalized everything and sent it off to the critiquer (is that a word?). It felt a little like sending my child off to school for the first time!

I got a reply from Ms. Eason that she had received it. So now I just wait for the next two weeks before I get to meet with her at the conference. I’m curious to hear her feedback.

In the meantime, it’s back to chapter 7 and progressing the story.

My first week of the 40-day fasting and writing has gone okay so far. It has been a little weird not having the television on sometimes, but it’s amazing what you can hear when you’re being quiet. The still small voice of God is easier to hear when it’s not being drowned out by the “noise” of life.

My characters speak louder, too. They are becoming more real to me, and I feel like I carry them around in my pocket wherever I go. If you’ve ever read a book and fallen in love with the characters, you’ll know what I mean. They stay with you.

I’ve had some cool conversations with people as I’ve started telling them about working on my book. Thanks to each of you for your support and prayers!

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