Day 6 Update

I have spent tonight polishing my edits to Chapters 1 and 2. I should have these two chapters memorized pretty soon if I keep going over them like this!

The next step was “formatting” this manuscript sample and getting it ready to send in for the critique. There are lots of “rules” about how to do this properly. I have a book called “Guide to Manuscript Formats” but since it was published in 1987, I double-checked it with some recent posts on the Writer’s Digest website to make sure I was doing everything correctly. Thank goodness for the Internet!

I want to do one last check before I email it tomorrow, but I think it’s 99.9% ready to go. Or at least I need to stop looking at it over and over! Perfectionist? Why, yes, I am. I have to learn when to let go and let it be. After all, this is a manuscript critique – I’m looking for someone who knows more than I do to tell me what I’m doing right AND what I’m doing wrong. But it is good practice for when I am finally ready to send this in to a real agent or editor.

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement!

Amy sent me a great Scripture the other night: Philippians 1:6, “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

He has begun this work in me, and He certainly has a long way to go with me, I know. But I am thankful for His promise that He won’t give up on me but will continue to work on me, molding me and making me into what He wants me to be. Kind of like me and my editing these chapters, huh? Funny how that works. 🙂

One thought on “Day 6 Update

  1. Keep up the good “works” buddy… this will be a great journal to look back on when it’s all said and done. Praying for you and praying you through. 🙂


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